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Our grant process is currently on a rolling application. As we continue to move forward, we will move back to a yearly cycle when we see fit. We plan to attend staff and PTA meetings at all of the seven schools to explain the process and answer any questions that might arise. As part of the application process the Excellence in Education Foundation requires each grant to be signed off by the appropriate building principal. Once the principal signs off, all grant proposals are reviewed by our Grants Committee which assesses the merits of each individual proposal. The Committee reviews the requests using criteria such as ties to curriculum, creativity of the project, budget and impact on the school and students served. We also assess whether partial funding is an option, or whether support from other community organizations is a possibility. After thorough evaluation and prioritization, the Grants Committee makes its recommendations to the entire Excellence in Education Foundation Board of Directors for a vote on funding decisions. Once the grants are awarded, fundraising for the next year commences, beginning with the grant application and award cycle for the following school year. For any questions please email us at


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