The objective of our grant is to use the mini-PCR kit to allow students to practice real world scientific investigation and problem solving skills related to the study of Biotechnology.

Polymerase chair reaction (PCR) is a method widely used in molecular biology to make many copies of a specific DNA segment.  Using PCR, a single copy (or more) of a DNA sequence is exponentially amplified to generate thousands to millions of more copies of that particular DNA segment.  

The mini-PCR machine is part of the growing molecular genetics equipment aboard the International Space Station National Library.  Students in the Science Research classes use the miniPCR to amplify and analyze the genetic composition of model organisms.  

The AP Biology classes use the kit when they enter the genes in space competition sponsored by NASA.  The kit is also going to be offered in the Honors Bio and SUPA forensic classes as well.  The future of science is now available at Lynbrook High School. 

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